The Pricing Order details the basis for setting the tariffs the Port of Melbourne can charge port users for Prescribed Services. Section 49(1)(c) of the Port Management Act 1995 (Vic) defines Prescribed Services as follows:

“the following are prescribed services –

  1. the provision of channels (except anchorages) for use by shipping in port of Melbourne waters, including the Shared Channels used by vessels bound either for the port of Melbourne or for the port of Geelong and the Dedicated Channels used by vessels bound for the port of Melbourne;
  2. the provision of berths, buoys or dolphins in connection with the berthing of vessels in the port of Melbourne;
  3. the provision of short-term storage or cargo marshalling facilities in connection with the loading or unloading of vessels at berths, buoys or dolphins in the port of Melbourne;
  4. the provision of access to, or allowing use of, places or infrastructure… on port of Melbourne land for the provision of services to port users;
  5. any other service that is prescribed by the regulations.”

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