Port of Melbourne issues public notices from time to time, advising of changes or activities in and around the port that may impact the local community.

Changes to Coode Road

As part of the Port Rail Transformation Project (PRTP) located in the Swanson Dock precinct, the Port of Melbourne will be permanently closing a section of Coode Road between Dock Link Road and Phillipps Road. With major works for the project already well underway, this is the next stage of development for the new PRTP rail terminal.

Connectivity will still be maintained between Dock Link Road and Coode Road, through the development of a new two-lane, two-way road, named Intermodal Way. There will be a two-phased implementation of these permanent changes to Coode Road.

This notice advises the two phases of the implementation of these permanent changes to Coode Road.

Webb Trail Revetment Remediation Project

In June 2021 the Webb Trail received significant storm damage with erosion issues to the east and complete failure of the primary armour layer in selected areas in the south. The south side is currently closed due to safety concerns to the public.  The Webb Dock Revetment Project will remediate the storm damaged sections of rock revetment and the pavement promenade, and associated sundry works. Works will commence in June 2022 and are scheduled to be completed in September-October 2022.

This notice advises of works taking place on the Webb Dock Trail.

Webb Dock East Extension Project

This notice advises of works taking place at Webb Dock East, which will remove a redundant section of concrete and extend the quay line by 71 metres.  Major construction works are expected to commence from April 2022 and be completed by late 2023.

Click here to download the notice .

More information on the Webb Dock East Extension project can be found on our projects page.

Construction and remediation works at Gellibrand Pier

As part of ongoing maintenance works at the Port of Melbourne, a number of mooring dolphins at Gellibrand Pier will be demolished and rebuilt from April to July/August 2022.

Click here to download the notice .

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